BOOK I: I Will Stand Up Again

A small northern American town settled a hundred and fifty years ago with a population almost the same as it is today. Change never happens. Well, not until Book II.

What is a community of individuals striving to remain or regain independence? Higgins Valley.

Many people want to prove they can take care of themselves. Actually, they only need to demonstrate their personal skills to one individual. Themselves.

A professional seamstress designed wedding gowns for over twenty-five years. Now, Parkinson’s disease has stolen many fine motor skills. The doubt in her head adds to her struggles. She sews, but frequently has to rest. She pins fabric, but her hands shake. Her demonstration of designs she offers to brides does not exude the confidence that once flowed like silk.

The doctor known for compassionate listening, now has to hear to those around him as they offer advice he does not want. Their wishes are his safety. All he wants is the dignity that Multiple Sclerosis stole from him.

Many families have children that brought joy and stress. Some couples await children no matter how much stress comes from family life. One man grieves his family who left him.

Where is Higgins Valley? Wherever you think it is. If you need a community of friends that can reassure you that when falls happen and you can not help yourself, many are longing to assist. Rest assured that no matter what happens, you will stand up again.

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