Chapter I: The Decision, is Life a Picnic or not

Olyvia had already convinced Nellita that life can be a picnic. Or they should at least try see to if it’s true. However, right away, in chapter one, we find Nellita petrified to even fill the picnic basket.

When Parkinson’s disease stymies her efforts to accomplish simple tasks, even the ketchup bottle casts a daunting shadow on her hopes to picnic. But friends have way to offer not only assistance, but also motivation.

Lifelong friends bring ways to solve solutions for today. Beyond that, they bring back memories which prove their commitment has always been there. When she takes time recall those pictures from her past, Nellita gains incentive.

Life in Higgins Valley demonstrates the power of neighbors who genuinely care. When struggles present challenges, people have always shown they are stronger than any picnic or consequence might bring.

So, on this occasion, what does Nellita ultimately decide? Stay tuned.

Higgins Valley Moments, Book I, continues. . . .

Higgins Valley, where life can be a picnic.

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