Kids: Blessings with side effects

Gretchen and Jere had tried for years to have children. After two miscarriages and years of traveling through the adoption process, parenthood knocked on their door.

Their trip to Central America offered nervous anticipation. Not to mention time away from Higgins Valley. Weeks later, the final documents were placed in their hands. Finally, they brought Danielle home.

Little Dani laughed with a charisma that no adult could ignore. Starting a family with a two year old had its own challenges. Gretchen and Jere were delighted in their new family.

During her school years her competitive spirit blossomed. As a teenager, her energy continued to expound. Then, young adulthood made everyone think she would succeed at whatever endeavor she chose.

Well, circumstance do not always unfold as predicted. No crisis. But wise decisions did not occur readily.

So now at twenty-eight years, Dani cannot decide if she married the most wonderful man in the world or her mortal enemy. After breaking up and getting back together multiple times, Dani is faced with an explanation why her emotions have accelerate beyond explosive.

To find out Dani’s secret, stay tuned to Higgins Valley Moments.

Bleeding Heart Flowers: Just like family life. Beautiful with blossoms like tears.

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