Kids: When the Baby is the Achiever. . . sort of. . .

Jere and Gretchen thought their family was complete after they adopted their son. However, Gretchen listened to her neighbors speak about wanting a baby or getting pregnant, and Jere conceded. One more adoption.

Since they had already traveled the adoption journey twice, the third time was initiated with expectations they assumed to be realistic. Then life happened.

There seemed to be as much waiting time as the first two. But this time having a family at home full of distractions, the days and weeks slipped by. Realizing they had to renew passports, among other required duties, visas were obtained with a late minute rush, as usual. So much for a simple process this time.

After they arrived in Asia, the parents in progress were informed their paper work was lost. The baby’s passport had not been approved. Of course, since they landed in the middle of a festival, all the hotels were booked full. Other than that . . .

Needless to say, eventually, little Kristin brought her new parents home. At six months old, she was the youngest of all three children at the time adoption. However, even on the flight home it was clear who was in charge.

Her young years demonstrated a zeal for learning that her two siblings could not match even if their skills were combined. She had her future planned by the age of twelve. What a treat for Gretchen and Jere to have a decisive child.

Then she graduated from high school. And her plans changed. Then changed again. Then . . .! Now they are starting to wonder if the child they chose as the final member of their family would ever choose to grow up.

Read more about the self inflicted predicaments only Kristin could find as Higgins Valley Moments continue.

Kristin with the world in hands. . .

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