Personally Designed Dresses

Her friend needed her. As much as her mother refused to understand dropping out of college to care for two young children, Nellita did not see any choice. College could wait. A friend who became a sudden widow, with two small children, was a priority over her design degree.

Then as time unfolded over the next few years, Nellita thought she could work part time. But job after job came to an end. Now what?

Walking into the fabric store with less money than patterns cost, she meandered her way between the isles of material. Then the remnants caught her attention. Nellita picked up one item and then another. The prices looked more like invitations than expenses.

Who needs patterns? She had already made wedding gowns for both her close friends. Their final dresses resulted in more personal alterations than the original patterns. So why not take her newly purchased treasures and design her own pattern. Pleased with her accomplishment, she chose to let people around town know she could design and sew a dress for them unlike any item they could find in a store.

Starting out designing Easter dresses, her requests started to expand to brides with a very limited budgets. Seeing the smiles on her customers’ faces motivated her to start advertising. A business was evolving. But what to call it?

Personally Designed Dresses by Nellita quickly grew with encouragement from her friends and neighbors. Then came the day she had long awaited. Designing her own wedding gown. Unfortunately, that dress still hangs in her closet. The dress was never worn. A story for another time.

Higgins Valley Moments, a place launching many memories yet to come.

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