Higgins Valley: Where is it?

You know that small town where everyone knows each other’s name? More than that, the place where people talk about how each street name was chosen.

The place where you think it is. . . that’s where you’ll find Higgins Valley. Many people think about a quiet, familiar town. A lake not too far from town with a perfect picnic ground describe the hometown essence of Higgins Valley.

Yet, the people, as presumably predictable as one might think, initially, are not always as they seem. Readers can hear what individuals are thinking. However, neighbors do not know as much as they assume.

So, what happens next? Anything.

Book One: I Will Stand Up Again, invites readers to meet the people, learn some challenges, and identify with unique individuals. In Higgins Valley Moments, Book Two continues when change shocks their solitude. Book Three. . . stay tuned.

Higgins Valley in spring, summer, autumn, and winter
. . . in real life.

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