A guide offering clear suggestions for aging in place.

Sixty chapters detail issues of personal care, behavior challenges, and how to assure a safe home for aging loved ones.

As a nurse certified in gerontology, Paula has first hand experience how to improve personal care for skin, incontinence, sleep, etc. Some families are unsure how to address issues including safe driving, insomnia, and memory loss. The chapters include realistic goals and what interventions can be done to accomplish preserving dignity for individuals as they age.

Golden Independence is divided into three sections. The first twenty chapters address personal care. The second section offers twenty chapters that include anxiety, confusion, and other behavioral challenges. The final section is a walk through the home. Each chapter addresses one specific room or area of the home to assure safe independence in an effort to assist aging citizens to remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Golden Independence is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.